Topic Area H: Transport in Developing and Emerging Countries

This Topic Area deals with the unique challenges developing countries face in planning, financing, developing, maintaining and operating their transport infrastructure and services, especially with issues related to institutional governance, sustainable financing, rapid urbanization, rural-urban integration and regional disparities, and environmental sustainability. The subjects covered in this Topic Area include: (H1) Institutions, Governance and Capacity Building; (H2) Planning, Financing, Socio-economic Impact Evaluation; (H3) Infrastructure Operation and Traffic Management; (H4) Regional and Interregional Transport; and (H5) Urban Transport.

SIG H1 – Transport Economics, Finance and Policy in Developing Countries

This is a new SIG (April 2017) and further info will be available soon.



SIG H2 – Infrastructure Operation and Traffic Management in Developing Countries

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Chair: Ashish Verma,
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore


(The full membership list for this SIG is maintained by the SIG Chair/Co-chair)

SIG H5 – Urban Transport in Developing Countries


Efficient and affordable urban transport and mobility for all, are of prime importance for the developing world. The economic development of towns and cities, and the socio-economic well-being of their inhabitants, are directly dependent on the degree of success in creating socially, financially and environmentally sustainable urban transport systems. As the economic and land-use characteristics of developing country cities are often very different from those prevailing in industrialized countries (for which most transport engineering and technology has been developed), new and appropriate transport planning, engineering and management approaches are required.

This SIG aims to fulfil its mission through, amongst others, the stimulation of:

  • Transfer of knowledge and experiences (North-South as well as South-South)
  • Applied research and research capacity building in developing countries
  • Human resources development


SIG-H5 is convened by CODATU, as the authoritative organization on urban transport in developing countries. CODATU’s mission is to build capacity in the fields of urban transport and mobility in developing countries. It does this in the believe that in order to create economically, financially and socially sustainable urban mobility, the first need to be fulfilled is that for an enabling environment (legal, institutional and financial framework), and institutional and human resources capacities in developing countries.

Potential research topics of SIG-H5 include:

  • Traffic Congestion Mitigation
  • Traffic Safety
  • Parking Management
  • Transit System for Mid-Size City
  • Transit Oriented Development
  • Accessibility Management
  • CO2 Emission Reduction


This SIG operates Session Track H5 in Topic Area H: Transport in Developing and Emerging Countries in WCTR Conferences. In addition, it has organized special sessions in the past CODATU and EASTS (Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies) conferences and will do so in the future.



Anyone interested in the SIG should contact either of the Co-chairs below.


Prof. Kazuaki Miyamoto, Tokyo City University, Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Varameth Vichiensan, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand


(The full membership list for this SIG is maintained by the SIG Chair/Co-chair)